Introducing the Next Generation of X-Ray Heads!

BIOX Portable X-Ray Unit

The BIOX Unit is Extremely Lightweight (4.8lbs) & Affordable!

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Our Biox Portable X-Ray Unit is Extremely Portable & Lightweight…Best of all Affordable!

LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighs only 4.8 pounds SAFE – ZERO leakage design makes BIOX safe

RECHARGEABLE – One charge….takes hundreds of x-rays

ECONOMICAL – One BIOX unit does the work of multiple x-rays systems. Improves your workflow in your office, its fast and convenient.

PRACTICAL – Handheld design allows operator to stay with the patient during procedure…It’s like taking a picture!

SIMPLE – No big bulky arms, backing plates for walls, special cabinets or costly electrical hookups

VERSATILE – The BIOX Portable Handheld Unit can go with you anywhere. From one office to another!

Wall-Mount X-Ray vs. Biox Handheld
Requires one unit for every 1-2 operatories One Biox unit can easily server 3-4 operatories
Requires specail custom cabinetry, electrical, wall reinforcement No special aaccommodations required
Patients must come to x-ray X-ray goes to the patient’s location
Operator must leave room during radiograph Operator can stay with patient…totally safe
Permanently affixed to wall Conveniently transportable anywhere; office, surgery suites, humanitarian work.Easily take an x-ray anytime during procedures.

Nocumbersome stands or cables.

Permanent power connection Cordless, rechargeable batteries.
Bulky arms hard to manipulate and position, can drift during procedure Lightweight, ultra portable.No motion artifacts; blur-free radiographs
Oil-filled units can leak Special non-oil shielding; nothing to leak

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BIOX Portable Handheld X-Ray Unit Testimonial 1

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